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Boston Whopper Project

This is the official website of the Boston Whopper Project. Basically the experiment was to create a new form of food from existing foods that are known to be good.

The steps involved in the experiment were:

  1. Purchase two Boston Cream donuts (Figure 1)
  2. Purchase Whopper from Burger King making sure to add bacon and cheese (Figure 2)
  3. Carefully remove bread from Whopper (do not remove any of burger contents)
  4. Replace with donuts making sure chocolaty side is on the outside
  5. Serve to willing subject while making observations (Figure 3)
  6. Record subject's thoughts on Boston Whopper

Figure 1. Boston Cream donut from Tim Horton's

Figure 2. The Whopper from Burger King

Figure 3. Subject enjoying the Boston Whopper. (Subject's identity withheld at subject's request).


When asked whether or not the Boston Whopper was good, subject replied that it was "not too bad" although creamy filling from donut and onions from Whopper did not mix well and left subject "feeling kinda funky". Thus, the Boston Whopper is deemed not a good food due to its not too great taste and the costs and trouble involved in its creation.


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